Hassle free lawn edging

Plastic lawn edging: pretty easy to install and relatively inexpensive. However, it doesn’t usually stay nice. Time and the elements can wreak havoc on this common yard staple.

The edging often pokes up in places, becomes cracked, or even comes apart at the joints. I have a better alternative. Bricks. Even easier to install, and they stay put. But bricks are expensive! Um, not necessarily. Try free. Yes FREE!! My favorite word. Keep your eye on sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Letgo. People will often post free bricks when they are replacing a chimney or something like that. They don’t have to pay a disposal fee, and the bricks don’t end up in a landfill. You will have to pick them up yourself, and chip away some mortar (some of which comes off Amazingly easily!) Whenever I come across free bricks, and they look good in the picture, I pick them up! They have infinite uses! One of my favorites is lawn edging.

They look better than the plastic, and you can drive the mower right over them, eliminating weedwacking! Just dig a shallow trench, and lay them in!

If you have any extras, keep the in a pile out of the way for your next project! Have fun!

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