Wheel barrow handle

So it’s yard clean up time again. In doing this I found that my wheel barrow handle was broken. My wheel barrow is about 20 years old and needs replacing, but it’s not in my budget right now. Besides I had just put a new wheel on it a couple years ago, so I decided to make a new handle for it. I hope it gives me an extra year or two.

I started by measuring the remaining handle to see if I had a piece of wood to fit. I found a used 2×3 in my shed from a broken arbor. I cut it to length, and then ripped it to width on my table saw.

I then matched up the handgrip and traced it on the new workpiece. Holding the piece at an angle, I trimmed the corners on the table saw. The guard has been removed for the photo.

Then, I used my belt sander to round off the handgrip.

I removed the broken handle from the barrow and marked the bolt holes on the new handle. Then I drilled new holes with a 3/8 inch bit to match the original holes.

Then I simply attached the new handle with the original bolts. Good as new!

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